• Chapter Problems and Solutions for Improving Competence and Quality of Submarine Pipeline: A Literature Review on Concepts, Applications, and Challenges
    Vol. 1 No. 2 Desember (2023)

    This book chapter discusses the problems and solutions related to the competence and quality of submarine pipelines, which are important means for transporting oil and gas from offshore resources. This chapter reviews the concepts, applications, and challenges faced by the submarine pipeline industry, such as design, construction, operation, maintenance, and environmental protection. This chapter also presents case studies and real examples of submarine pipeline projects in various regions. This chapter aims to provide insights and recommendations for researchers, practitioners, decision-makers, and other stakeholders who are involved or interested in submarine pipelines.

  • Chapter Improve Competence To Complete The Requirements For International Welder
    Vol. 1 No. 1 Juni (2023)

    This book chapter discusses how to improve the competence of welders in Indonesia so that they can meet the requirements set by international welding institutions, which are challenging and interesting professions for many people. This chapter also provides in-depth knowledge of the qualification and certification standards that apply in the world, as well as practical guides and tips that are useful for preparing yourself to face the theoretical and practical exams that are required to obtain an international welder certificate, which can increase the career opportunities and income of welders.

  • Textbooks and Reference

    Textbooks and References are categories of books that contain educational, scientific, or professional materials that can be used as sources of learning, research, or self-development. Textbooks and Reference usually have a systematic, complete, and accurate format, and are compiled by experts in their fields. Textbooks and References can cover various topics, such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, history, geography, language, literature, economics, law, psychology, sociology, philosophy, religion, art, music, technology, health, and others. Textbooks and References can be in the form of printed books and electronic books.