Collaborate Daily Book Series

Collaborate Daily Book Series is a scientific book publishing program aimed at writers who want to collaborate with other writers in the same field. This program provides an opportunity for writers to publish their scientific writings in the form of book chapters or anthologies, as well as reference books or monographs.

Book chapters or anthologies are collections of scientific writings with one theme of discussion through several scientific perspectives. Each chapter contains a scientific work with a title, author’s name, abstract, introduction, discussion, conclusion, and references. Book chapters must be published by a publishing institution, have an ISBN, and go through an editorial process.

Reference books or monographs are scientific writings that discuss a topic in-depth and comprehensively. Reference books or monographs contain a cover, author’s name, copyright, introduction, table of contents, preface, body, acknowledgments, index, glossary, list of references, bibliography, and appendices.

By joining the Home Collaborate Daily Book Series program, writers will get the following benefits:

  • Getting guidance and support from professional editors and senior writers
  • Expanding the network and relations with other writers in the same field
  • Improving the quality and credibility of scientific writings
  • Increasing the visibility and self-image as a writer
  • Getting royalties and certificates for published scientific writings

To join the Collaborate Daily Book Series program, writers must meet the following requirements:

  • Having scientific writings that match the theme and field specified
  • Having original, non-plagiarized, and unpublished scientific writings
  • Having scientific writings that conform to the format and writing guidelines set
  • Submitting a proposal or offer to the publisher

Join us and collaborate with other writers and publish your scientific writings in the form of book chapters or reference books, register yourself on the website. Don’t miss this opportunity to develop your career and contribution as a scientific writer.